Commercial Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are a sturdy choice for commercial roofing.

Metal Roofing Solutions

One of the sturdiest choices you’ll find for commercial roofing is a metal roof. When you need commercial metal roofing services in East Hartford, CT and surrounding areas, Hartford Restoration Services has the solution for you. With 35 years of experience, our team knows what it means to provide quality service, whether it’s for commercial metal roof repair, replacement or installation. Find out more about how a commercial metal roof can benefit you by calling 860-508-0021.

Why Choose a Metal Roof?

If you have a metal roof, you already know it’s a durable and sturdy roofing system. When you install a commercial metal roof in East Hartford, CT or surrounding areas, you’ll get a roof that will last 50 years or more, as compared to the 20 or so years other systems like asphalt shingles may give you before needing to be replaced. When you need commercial metal roof replacement, you can count on our team for quality service.

With a commercial metal roof, you have several materials to choose from including galvanized steel and aluminum. You also get a roofing system that is highly reflective, which will help with your building’s overall energy efficiency. If you attach rigid foam insulation on the back of your metal roofing material, the energy efficiency improves even more. Moreover, all metal roofs are 100% recyclable.

You’ll also gain from a commercial metal roof’s ability to withstand severe weather like storms that produce high winds and hail. While your roof might get dented by hail, it rarely punctures the material. With regular maintenance, you’ll need fewer commercial metal roof repairs in East Hartford, CT. A commercial metal roof’s durability appeals to many insurance companies, and they will offer discounts for those installing metal roofs on their commercial properties. Check with your individual insurance company for discounts when installing a commercial metal roof in East Hartford, CT.

Types of Metal Roofs

One of the appeals metal roofs have is their versatility. You can get metal roofs in a diverse range of styles, though typically for commercial metal roof installations in East Hartford, CT many businesses install standing seam roofs. These roofs are made up of long metal panels interlocked along vertical seams. This is an effective method of installation, especially for preventing leaks. You see standing seam roofs on every type of commercial building from banks to hospitals and office buildings.

While standing seam roofs are a favorite, if you want a different look, metal roofs can be made to mimic other roofing materials such as shingles and tiles or even wood shakes. Additionally, you can get metal roofs in a wide variety of colors from light to dark without sacrificing the metal’s reflective capabilities. Whatever appeals to you, we can help you find the commercial metal roofing solution that’s fits your business.

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Whether you need repairs, replacement or installation, if you’re in the market for commercial metal roofing in East Hartford and surrounding cities, CT, we have the experienced team to provide you with quality services. Give our team a call at 860-508-0021 today to schedule us for services. We look forward to working with you.