Commercial Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

Standing seam metal roofs are commonly installed for commercial properties.

Quality Roofing

For most businesses, the type of commercial metal roof most often chosen is a standing seam metal roof. With a commercial standing seam metal roof installation in East Hartford, CT, you get a sleek looking and sturdy roof no matter what kind of metal you choose. Installation of standing seam roofs for commercial properties is growing in popularity, because they last a long time and give your building a modern look. If you are looking for these qualities in your roofing system, then a commercial metal roof installation is right for you. For commercial metal roof installation, Hartford Restoration Services is the quality choice. See why East Hartford and surrounding cities choose us by calling 860-508-0021.

A Sturdy Option

Whether they are made from steel or aluminum, standing seam roofs are a sturdy option as a roofing system. For most commercial standing seam metal roof installations, the metal panels that make up the roofing system are fastened together either with a mechanical lock or snap lock. All standing seam roofs are made up of metal panels interlocked on vertical seams, an installation method that helps prevent leaks.

With mechanical locks, the seams are folded together with a mechanical seamer, while with a snap-lock system, the seams are manually snapped into place before the panels are clipped onto the roof deck. With both styles, the fasteners are hidden underneath the seam for better protection from the elements.

Repair and Replacement

Though sturdy and low maintenance, over time standing seam metal roofs will succumb to weathering and aging and need repairs. Our skilled, experienced roofers provide prompt quality commercial standing seam metal roof repairs. We are also the team to call for metal roof replacement.

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