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Among the most common types of commercial roof are flat roofs. While commercial builders choose single-ply roofs for their flat roofing systems today, there are still plenty of built up and modified bitumen flat roofs. Whatever kind of flat roofing system you have, we are the experienced professionals to choose for flat roof repairs and replacement in East Hartford, CT and surrounding cities. Our services are available throughout the area.Find out about the wide range of flat roofing services available from us by calling 860-508-0021.

Repair and Replacement

Generally, for flat roofing in East Hartford, CT there are three types of roofs: built-up, modified bitumen and single-ply. Most commercial builders now generally prefer single-ply roofing to more traditional forms, usually installing either TPO or EPDM roofs. All of these flat roofing systems are relatively low maintenance and very durable. In fact, they are valued for their ability to withstand damage, especially from severe weather.

Whether they are traditional built-up roofs or modern TPO systems, flat roofs are generally very tough and flat roof repairs are usually minor. These systems hold up very well to tears, abrasions and punctures. Probably one of the most common problems our experienced roofers at Hartford Restoration Services see on flat roofing systems is ponding due to poor drainage, and puts your flat roof at risk of ponding and leaks. If you have any problems with ponding or need flat roof repairs, ours is the team to call for fast, reliable service.

If you are in the market for a new roof, we have more than 35 years of roofing experience, and our roofers are trained on a wide range of flat roofing systems and provide quality flat roof replacement.

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