Built Up Roof Repair & Installation

Built up roofnig systems are valued for their durability.

Durable Roofing Solution

The flat roofing choice for more than a century, built up roofing, or BUR roofing, is valued as a durable roofing solution. Built up roofs provide layers of protection from UV rays, as well as from weather and water damage, which is why they are valued. When you need an experienced commercial roofer for all your built up roofing needs in East Hartford CT and surrounding areas, whether installation or repairs, Hartford Restoration Services is the team to call. We’ve become the group to trust, building a reputation for reliable service for 35 years. Give us a call at 860-508-0021 today to schedule us.

Installation and Repair

When you need a reliable and durable flat roof, installing a built up roof is a great choice. Built up roofs have been a standard in commercial roofing for more than a century because they offer protection from direct sunlight, as well as from severe weather and water damage, especially leaks.

Also known as BUR or tar and gravel roofing, these multi-layered roofs last anywhere between 10 to 15 years, as they are designed to hold up against the effects of aging and weathering. The design, in fact, is what makes these roofs so durable. When you install a built up roof, the roof is made by alternating layers of bitumen and reinforced fabric for a solid structure. This thick layering makes them extremely damage resistant. Additionally, installation is low cost and the roofs tend to require little maintenance.

When roof repairs are needed, they are generally easy to make because the layers are easy to remove and replace. For expert built up roof repairs, you can rely on Hartford Restoration Services.

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