Modified Bitumen Life Expectancy

laying down modified bitumen prior to heating

What is a Modified Bitumen Roofing System?

Throughout Connecticut, builders and owners of commercial buildings are always on the lookout for the best possible roofing to keep their business running. With so many options to choose from for flat and slanted roofs, a good choice is a modified bitumen roof or MB for short. 

Also known as asphalt, bitumen is used largely in roads and soundproofing. Modified bitumen roofing in that regard provides a tough and flexible material that has been proven reliable through its history. Only needing one ply, the material is famous for its tough weather resistant exterior and ability to be installed regardless of hot or cold weather. With a cost of $1.50 to 3.00 per square foot, the price is worth the material.  If you are interested in a modified bitumen roof and operate in East Hartford, CT, let Hartford Restoration Services handle the stress of installation. Call us today at 860-508-0021

Modified Bitumen Life and Care

Whether used as a part of built up roofing or in single ply, modified bitumen is known for longevity and low maintenance. Being a material that can easily last 20 years, modified bitumen roofing can surpass that age limit with only a moderate amount of care. 

Those interested in preserving the life of their modified bitumen roofing have a couple of options at their disposal. One such option is applying a modified bitumen roof coating, which adds another layer of protection to the material and your roof. Coating your modified bitumen roof further protects it from constant sunlight and rain. 

The second option often used for modified bitumen roofing is the spreading of granules and rocks about the roof to provide another layer of protection against the sun. Regardless if your roof is a single ply or built up roof, it is proven that modified bitumen does better and lasts longer with another layer added onto it. 

As seen in states similar to Connecticut, such as Colorado, roofing maintenance is important to the longevity of your roof. While modified bitumen is known for resisting the elements, cold and sunlight are known for breaking down most elements overtime. The best way to prevent damage over time is to schedule an examination of your roof, one of our experts would be happy to provide more detailed information and schedule a check up for your roof. 

Like all other roofing options however, modified bitumen roofs are subject to damage from accidents or weather. Fortunately, repairs are easy with the material. Just like it is installed through heat or cold, the same process can be applied through repairs. Giving it the same water resistant and tough exterior it had before. Having expertise in modified bitumen roofing repair in East Hartford, CT, you can count on Hartford Restoration Services to keep your roof well cared for and long lasting. 

Modified Bitumen Roofing vs Rolled Roofing

While both use a similar material, modified bitumen roofing has drastic improvements over rolled roofing. For someone unfamiliar to roofing, the two styles may seem the same on paper, but there couldn’t be a more different process and result. Rolled roofing for example is: 

  • Inexpensive
  • Fast application
  • Applied by placing and nailing down strips on a slanted roof
  • Not favored in some homeowners associations
  • Easily broken
  • Lasts 5-8 years

Modified bitumen however provides itself a better choice for constructors installing roof on a low slanting roof. The differences are obvious, being exemplified by:

  • Application through heat or cold to form a water resistant membrane 
  • Tough and resistant, easily withstands hail
  • Insulates a building
  • Known for tensile strength
  • Lasts 15-20+ years

While rolled roofing may be applied to steeper slanting roofs where modified bitumen roofing is not applied, the opposite applies to modified bitumen being applied to flat rooftops where rolled roofing cannot be installed. The difference between the two is clear, with modified bitumen being the superior option to buildings needing a sturdier roof. 

Modified Bitumen Roofing vs Shingles

As mentioned before, modified bitumen roofing is generally not used in steeper roofing installations. The application of shingles thereby is more common on homes and roofs with steeper inclines. Even with the assumption that the shingles would be tough asphalt shingles, the differences between the two more often than not show as:

  • Modified bitumen roofing provides a tougher exterior and easier care
  • While it is possible to modify the look of asphalt shingles, the option tends to be more expensive than most other options
  • The application of MB provides itself a more seamless look, providing better water resistance
  • Modified bitumen lasts longer than shingles

While modified bitumen is less accepted in residential areas than shingles, it often provides a better result to owners looking for peace of mind when choosing a roof. 

Roofer applying the common torch method to modified bitumen

We Take The Stress Out of Roofing

We understand that many companies these days are making the move to thermoplastic polyolefin or TPO roofs, often refusing to provide services in installing or repairing a modified bitumen roof. We at Hartford Restoration Services can not only install and repair TPO roofs, but also have experts to repair your modified bitumen roof whenever needed. 

With the cheaper price and proven history, we understand the preference in modified bitumen. With our 35 years of experience providing roofing service to East Hartford, CT, let our experts handle your roofing needs at an affordable price. To schedule an appointment, call 860-508-0021