What is a Single-Ply Roofing System?

Single Ply Roof In Process of Installation

What is a Single-Ply Roofing System?

A single-ply roof installation is one of the most varied roof types. In this respect, there are many different materials to choose from. The unifying characteristic of single ply roofing systems is the fact that they are designed to be installed in a singular layer. Single-ply roofing systems also exhibit considerable flexibility when compared to other roofing products. In addition to this admirable aspect, they tend to be highly resistant to UV radiation. These roofing systems are typically either white or black and are glued, fastened or installed directly over roof insulation material.

What Does Single-Ply Mean?

Single-ply is a unifying roof system. These roofs are created from resilient, flexible membranes composed predominantly of synthetic polymer. In terms of thickness, these roofs tend to be either 1.1 mm to over 2 mm. Once these roofing systems are combined with insulation, support, and maintenance, they form quite durable roofing systems. In terms of commercial roof installation, single-ply roofs are one of the many examples offered to commercial business owners. 

How Much Does Single-Ply Roofing Cost?

There are several different types of single-ply roofing materials to choose from, ranging from EPDM to PVC to TPO. EPDM is known as a synthetic rubber roofing material. Commercial business owners should expect to pay between five and eight dollars per square foot. This cost depends on whether or not it is a typical flat roof. In other words, it costs about $7,500 to $12,000 for 15 square. A 15 square is 1,500 square feet of roof. In comparison, PVC and TPO roofs usually cost an average of $5.50 to $8.50 per square foot for installation. When replacing a roof, it is important to factor in the cost of tearing off the old roof, which is usually necessary.

How Long Does Single-Ply Roofing Last?

With regular roof maintenance, expect your single ply roofing to last approximately thirty years. As with any roofing system, undertaking steps to protect the membrane and repair any surface damage will assist with prolonged longevity. The key to true roofing longevity is the quality of workmanship in terms of the installation. A roofing company that has years of experience and excellent contractors will inevitably produce a better product.

How Long Should an EPDM Roof Last?

An EPDM roof can last a long time. According to recent estimates, EPDM roofs are reputed to last as long as fifty years. New formulations of rubber make EPDM roofs increasingly impervious to damage from the sun, also known as ultraviolet rays. 

Where to Buy Single Ply Roofing

In order to purchase a single-ply roof, the first step is to contact several reputable roofing companies in the area. Commercial business owners are advised to retrieve several different quotes and weigh the costs and the specialization of the roofing company. Not every handyman or roofing contractor has many years of experience and understanding under their belt. Your roof deserves the best.

What is Flat Foam Single Ply Roof

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofing is a material that is sprayed on a roof and expands into a foam. It creates a solid layer across an existing roof. While this spray foam material is not the most well-known of all materials, the technology for SPF roofs has been available since the 1960s for industrial, commercial, and residential facilities. 

Single Ply Roof On Metal Deck

Although the main goal of a roofing system is straightforward, to provide shelter and strength against inclement weather, the procedures and materials for such a task are rarely so simple. Each roofing project is unique, and for each circumstance, it may require a different set of tools and materials, For instance, a metal deck will require different procedures for the application of a single-ply roof. For your streamlined roofing method, please consult a knowledgeable roofer. A good roofer will be willing to thoroughly investigate the roof, and give you a list of treatment options.

Single Ply Roof Installation

Single Ply Roof Maintenance

Each roof requires a given amount of maintenance. Please browse through the following tips to receive more information pertaining to your single-ply roof maintenance.

  • Examine the roof periodically to ensure that the seams are intact. There should be no loose terminations and zero punctures in the field membrane or flashings.
  • Make any necessary repairs as soon as possible. Please do not allow roofers or repairmen to use roofing materials that are inappropriate. Roofing materials need to be streamlined and used according to the prevailing composition of the roof.
  • Enforce the use of walk pads for any repairmen or personnel who walk on the roof.
  • Look for fasteners poking up through the membrane.

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