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EPDM Commercial & Industrial Roofing Materials in East Hartford, CT

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Hartford Restoration Services provides EPDM Commercial and Industrial Roofing Materials in East Hartford, Connecticut.

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For commercial buildings, the significance of roofing materials is as critical, if not more so, than in residential structures. Although commercial and residential roofs are exposed to the same environmental elements, like the unpredictable New England weather, commercial roofs bear unique challenges due to their design and size. Therefore, it's paramount to employ only the finest quality materials for commercial roofing.
Commercial establishments often sport roofs with a minimal slope or even entirely flat surfaces. These roofs span over large areas and might come with unconventional shapes. When contemplating repair or replacement of a commercial roof, it's natural to seek the most durable and efficient materials. This is where Hartford Restoration steps in, recommending EPDM for Boston's commercial roofing systems, given its proven track record against New England's diverse weather conditions.
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Why EPDM Stands Out

The unpredictable climate of New England throws challenges from severe winters to extreme storms. In recent times, the region has witnessed hurricanes and various unpredictable weather anomalies. It's crucial for commercial roofs to be resilient, and EPDM has proven its mettle against these challenges.

EPDM, which stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class), is a synthetic rubber with numerous applications. Its usage in weatherproofing vehicles is a testament to its robustness, and it has been a trusted material in the roofing industry for years.

Its preference in industrial roofing is understandable. EPDM is not only entirely waterproof but also resists corrosion. Engineered to endure harsh weather, extreme temperatures, and ozone exposure, it remains resistant to steam and various chemicals. Furthermore, EPDM is budget-friendly, considering the superior quality it offers.

The Triple Advantages of EPDM


Our EPDM materials are energy efficient and either meet or exceed all Energy Star benchmarks. EPDM roofing can reflect sunlight, optimizing temperature regulation and reducing energy costs. Additionally, EPDM roof materials can be recycled after its use as a roofing material.


EPDM promises longevity, with manufacturers assuring a lifespan of around two decades that can often double with regular upkeep.  Coupled with its energy-saving potential, EPDM roofing materials emerge as the most economically viable solution for industrial roofing needs.

Resilient & Adaptable

EPDM roofing boasts unmatched flexibility without compromising its structural integrity. Regardless of whether it's New England's moist winters or its dry summers, EPDM stands strong with its ability to regulate airflow without allowing external infiltration ensuring optimal internal air quality.

Our Trusted EPDM Brands

At Hartford Restoration, we pride ourselves on partnering with industry leaders in EPDM. We have extensive hands-on experience with reputed brands like Manville EPDM Roofing and Carlisle Syntec.

Carlisle Syntec EDPM Membranes. While Carlisle Syntec boasts over 40 years in crafting top-tier single-ply roofing, their EPDM products are second to none. Their X-Tenda Coat line of acrylic coatings, which meets Energy Star standards and aligns with California's Title 24, is particularly impressive.

Johns Manville EDPM Membranes. Manville has adeptly channeled its expertise into producing high-grade EPDM roofing materials. Their AcryliTop EPDM Coating is able to reflect a significant 68% of sunlight, surpassing the EPA Energy Star benchmark.

We vouch for our EPDM partners and are well-versed in their product installation and maintenance intricacies. For a consultation on integrating a Johns Manville or Carlisle Syntec solution for your roof, please reach out to us.

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