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TPO Commercial & Industrial Roofing Solutions in East Hartford, CT

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Hartford Restoration Services provides TPO Commercial and Industrial Roofing Solutions in East Hartford, Connecticut. 

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The construction industry has witnessed a transformative evolution, especially when it comes to roofing technology. With each passing year, the market is flooded with advanced roofing materials that boast superior water resistance, enhanced heat retention, reflective attributes, and exceptional resistance to wear and tear. One such prominent material that has garnered significant attention is Thermoplastic PolyOlefin, commonly referred to as TPO.

Rising Popularity of TPO

TPO's emergence as a favorite in the roofing industry, especially for flat roofs, cannot be overstated. Its application is not limited to roofing alone but extends to other industries like automobile construction. This broad application spectrum owes much to TPO's array of benefits, most notably its energy efficiency, ability to reflect heat and sunlight, and remarkable resistance against corrosion, degradation from ozone, chemicals, and the harmful ultraviolet radiation.

A Deep Dive into TPO’s Composition

To understand the prowess of TPO, one must delve into its intricate composition. TPO is a master blend of several plastic polymers. These include polyethylene, polypropylene, and BCPP, harmoniously combined with rubber and an assortment of filler materials. These fillers span across a variety – from fiberglass and talc to carbon fiber, and several others. The transformation of these raw materials into TPO is a meticulous process. They are amalgamated and heated at approximately 220-270°C. The fusion takes place in a twin screw extruder, forming a continuous stream. Moreover, based on the specific requirements, additional components can be introduced to bestow the membrane with specialized properties.

Why Choose TPO?

TPO stands out when juxtaposed with most other flat roofing materials. Its superiority isn’t merely in performance but extends to installation advantages.

Flexibility. TPO, both in its physical properties and in its installation options, is incredibly flexible. It offers a plethora of installation methods – it can be mechanically installed, adhered to a substrate, or laid flat and anchored using ballast. This ballast could be concrete blocks, pavers, loose gravel, or river rock. However, due to evolving preferences, the latter is gradually losing its charm.

Durability. As previously highlighted, TPO boasts an impressive resistance to potential degradation threats. Its resilience against ultraviolet rays and ozone exposure ensures longevity and reduced maintenance.

Energy Efficiency.  One of TPO's crowning achievements is its energy efficiency. Its reflective nature diminishes sunlight absorption, which in turn reduces the energy required to cool the building during warmer months. A fresh TPO roof, devoid of any ballast, can reflect 80-90% of the sunlight it encounters. Its reflectivity remains commendable, hovering around the low 80% mark even after three years, provided it's maintained appropriately. For perspective, the EPA's Energy Star standards demand an initial solar reflectance of 65% or more for low-slope roofs and a consistent 50% after three years.

Selecting the Right TPO Membrane

Considering the varied offerings of TPO membranes differing in properties such as thickness, width, and composition, it's essential to make an informed decision. Every building has its unique requirements, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all TPO solution. It's advisable to consult with industry professionals before settling on a TPO manufacturer and product line.

So, if you're on the quest for a roofing solution that embodies durability, energy efficiency, and flexibility, look no further than TPO. Get in touch with us today, and let's embark on a journey to identify the ideal TPO roofing for your establishment!
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